Thursday, March 22, 2012


Yea, first bike commute of the year (and first ever on the recommisioned Redline d440).  Nice getting 24 miles in before work.  The steel frame and Big Apples make the road feel real nice.  I can certainly tell it is heavier than the Masi Evo climbing the hills though.  Need some racks still, it was along ride with a backpack.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Summer in the winter

Ok, so I am complaining - again.  Really, why is it 84F on the last day of winter, 85F on the first day of spring, and today is forecast for another 81F day.  You'd think with this sunny warm weather it would mean lots of miles.  Well, nope.  Family schedules still reign supreme.  I can't even ride my motorcycle to work.  Plus, with the early spring I got an early bout with allergies.  Lost my voice last week.  This week, the voice is back, but my head is spinning and I have coughed so much that my stomach and chest muscles are sore.

Missed all 4 days of the Athens Bicycle Gravel Rouser.  The few rides I have been getting in are breaks from the office.  Not all a bad thing, but work is really slammed (still) so it is hard to justify long lunch rides.  First race is really close, it is going to hurt.

I picked up a used Race Face Next LP crankset.  I stripped all the paint and replaced the missing carbon inserts.  Nice crank and looks really good on the Monocog.

Couldn't resist adding the picture.  Chickens, dog, mud boots and a stick equals a happy little boy.