Monday, April 25, 2011

Fizik Antares

Wow that was fast. Shipped Saturday from NH. Kium (Ti) rails. 185.6g.

Easter: Just another exhausting holiday?

Another Easter has come and gone.  One of those things that seems to be upon me quicker each year.  Up at 5am to get to church to setup for the sunrise service, back home to get the family and some photos in their Easter best, back to church for Sunday School and service, to Shelly's grandparents for lunch, to my folks for supper, and back home at 9pm to a cluttered island counter and dirty dishes from the day before.

Even got to end the day with a strong "discussion" with the teenager.  I was informed that he was ready to move out (because I was mad that he had tossed his brothers wash cloth on the floor of the tub, got his shower, and left it laying there, sopping wet, where Ethan found it the next day).  Why should he hang it up? He did not use it.  In fact, we should be happy that he got out a wash cloth for his brother!  He even proclaimed that he cannot comprehend my thought process!  Ahhhh, to be a teen.  To be king of a land that exists only in a fantasy.  A great friend told me that they will either grow out of it or move out.  I do pray for him to grow out of it.  I believe we learn more about the character of God through our family relationships than just about anything else.

I truly enjoy and am grateful for my Sunday school group.  I rushed through the Sunday School lesson.  It is a hard week to lead honestly.  The church does not do much to prepare for Easter.  The Sunday school lessons don't do anything either except to drop a passage on Easter Sunday.  Easter is such a great time to study, reflect, and grow our relationship with God, but as always, schedules and obligations seem to keep us from it.  Trying to just hit the highlights of Passion week means just barley skimming the surface, let alone trying to have meaningful discussions on it.

Listening to a series by Stephen Davey of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, NC about "Life After Easter" now.  Don't want Easter to be just another exhausting holiday.

On an unrelated note, I got to ride another 17 miles on my new road bike Saturday afternoon between rain showers.  Got a little wet on the last few miles.  Still have more time and distance on the trainer for the year than I do outside, but hopefully that will change as the weather continues to improve.  Also won an eBay auction for a new take off Fizik Antares.  The stock seat is causing some numbness in a very uncomfortable area.  While I had not planned to pick up one of the super light ($$$) saddles, I could not pass up a deal on a $200, 175g saddle for $55!  Hope it is here in time for the Team Athens Tuesday Time Trial on the 26th.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring time visitor

With the cost of gas, bad roads, half hour drives to anywhere, termites, moles (my yard looks horrible), sometimes I am ready to sell and move to town. But then I wouldn't get these visiting my yard.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Windy training ride

Wind: WSW @ 26mph with 41mph peak gusts as observed at 3:35pm Sunday, April 18.

Crazy winds.  Got in 27 miles, sometimes with the bike at a 15 degree angle to fight the wind, sometimes at 23mph with zero felt breeze, and sometimes at 5mph on a flat with a headwind.  Still adjusting to the new geometry of my Masi, but wow, what a great bike.

Getting some running time in as well.  Now I just need to get in the water to be ready for the OU-AIA sprint triathlon on May 7.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pre-work ride

Things just all worked out to allow me to get a quick ride in before work today.  Not to bad, cool and sunny, 14 miles.  Makes the whole rest of the day nicer!

Really liking my new bike.  I have picked up a couple MPH over the same out and back I ride all the time.  Some surely is due to fitness, but some is due to the equipment.  Not sure I am super crazy about the OEM seat though.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Snap

To barrow a phrase from my son, "oh snap"!

The weather was looking good.  Lots of cool/cold/rainy weather was letting go and Sunday was promising sunny skies and 80's.  Well, it's a little hot, but I'll take what I can get.  I ran in the end of the rain showers on Saturday and got in a good 4 mile run.  But, I have a new bike with 70 miles on it.  Weekends are so busy, I was really looking forward to the opportunity to take 3 hours and try to squeeze 40 miles of of it.  Got home from church and was eating lunch when Shelly says, "what are those bugs flying up from the deck"?

For anyone, termites mean trouble.  For log home dwellers, termites are down right scary!

Instead of riding, I got to rip up my back deck, pull the aluminum flashing off the 4x10 hemlock rim "joist" to inspect for termite damage.  The little suckers were hiding their damage well out of site.  I am glad Shelly saw them.  The weather was just right that they were coming out of their ground based winter home and we just happened to be home to see it.  Normally, we go to my folks for lunch after church.  This quite possibly could have gone another year without notice had that happened.  Does not look like there is any real structural damage, but it is a mess to repair/inspect and treat. Oh, snap.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring (got to pay for my new bike) sale

I have a list of items I am selling to help pay for my new bike. Feel free to ask questions or forward. I am near Athens but could meet within a reasonable distance or ship at buyers expense. More images and details in the photo links.

Please make offers.


1993 Specialized Epic road bike, size 60cm (L) - SOLD

2004 Jamis Coda Sport converted to country road duty with drops, bar end shifters, and v-brakes. 700x38c WTB Interwolfs. Frame has rack and fender mounts. Will include the rear rack in the pictures. Setup as 1x8, but have and will include the front derailleur and barcon. - $375 (pedals not included)

Adidas road shoes, size 42. Little use (they were a little too small for me) - $15

Syncros OS Gain Riser bar, 670mm. Stock from my Redline. $15

Misfit Psycles FU2Bar. $25

Travel Trac 2000 fluid trainer with front wheel block. $50. Includes a spare skewer so you don't mark up your good ones.

Rear wheel Alex ACE18 alloy double-wall/eyeletted rims, 700c, 36H, Ritchey Road Comp hubs, double butted 14-15g stainless steel spokes. Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 compat. freehub. True and smooth. I used it as a trainer wheel. SOLD

Race Face Evolve XC 110mmx25.4mm, 6 degree. $10 (or trade for a 100mm) Titec Big-AL 105mmx25.4mm, 0 degree. $5

Shimano Sora triple, 31.8 clamp. Replaced with 105 with very few miles. $10

Sigma Sport Shape Watch heart rate monitor. Basic HR functions. $10

Sigma Sport BC1600 computer with cadence kit and 2nd bike kit. SOLD

Thomson Elite 120mmx25.4, 5 degree stem, includes matching Thomson stem cap. $40