Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter, still

It was -8 °F at the house this morning.  Most of the folks I know are tired of winter.  I enjoy it, mostly.  I don't get to play in it as much as I would like and at temperatures that cold, I shouldn't be.  Sure makes for some pretty sunrises though.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

19 years

How can January seem like so long ago, but 19 years like yesterday?

This has been a tough winter.  Temperatures have been cold, I mean really cold, like Ohio University closed due to dangerous lows and wind chills cold.  Oh, and propane is scarce due to distribution issues (actually, because of the boon in natural gas, the resulting low domestic prices, the subsequent exporting due to favorable prices, the trucks have been recommissioned to natural gas hauling rather than propane hauling).  Propane residential prices have increased from $2.34 in October to $3.91 (average Ohio) per gallon!  That is, if you can even get it delivered.  We are low, but trying to cut back on how warm we keep the house until we get through this.  And now that February is here, we are set up for repeated southern track winter storms, meaning, heavy snows and ice.  We ended up with 8" of snow Sunday night, followed last night by freezing rain.  Kids are missing lots of school.  I have missed some work.  I usually like winter.  But this has been like a college aged drinking binge.  Overdone then recovering just in time for the next round.  Riding? Well, the rollers are getting some use.

On a high note, we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary.