Monday, September 16, 2013

Good thing cell phones have cameras.

Wow, did not realize it has been over a month since my last posting.  I had a hard drive failure in my laptop that messed everything up for a couple weeks and the typical business that is life makes it tough to remember the last month.  Good thing cell phones have cameras so I can snap photos to use as a guide to my life!  So here they are, my past month summed up in a few photos.

Lunch at NASA - they have food trucks now.  Pork and fried plantains with a churro.
Kayaking at dusk.
I got a new (used) work stand!
Wednesday morning coffee, ahhh.
I made stuffed peppers on the grill (the grilled brownies did NOT work out sadly).
Mister Softee courtesy the OUCU, great way to end a bike ride.  
Hey, where did the stone from the driveway go?  Oh, there it is,  Guess my driveway wants to be a creek and my creek wants to be a driveway.
The Ohio River.
Finally put a tree down that was dying next to our house.  A little scary, but a chainsaw and a backhoe make good partners.
And supper on the fire.
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