Monday, September 29, 2014

Getting high

Wow it has been a while since I have posted.  Work has picked up with some new projects.  High school soccer has consumed everything it can.  Brock started preschool.  Ethan and I rode the Buell to the Albany fair to see the tractor pulls.  I am almost done with staining the house, a process of brushing a penetrating oil on every square inch of log/soffit/fascia.  We rescued a couple of kittens.  I did however make it to Davis, WVa for what has become an annual trip to camp, ride mountain bikes, and eat.

John Deere 4030, turbo.  Impressive piece of farm equipment.

I won't say it is impossible to stain every part of the house from a ladder, but I will say it is not safe to do so.  This time around I rented a towable, articulating lift to do the most dangerous parts.

Home for the weekend.

View up the Blackwater river from camp.

Pano view up and down the Balckwater.


Make sure you go to Thomas on Friday night for a fantastic hamburger at the Tip Top coffee bar.

Good morning.

Open area on the climb along the Canaan Wildlife Refuge area.

Pano view down in to the Canaan Wildlife Refuge.

Somewhere along the Plantation trail at Blackwater Falls State Park.

Pizza at Siriani's.

Pano view from Hoodoo Rocks.

On top of Hoodoo Rocks.

Yes, there are snakes in them rocks.

The Redline enjoying a little sun on Moon Rocks.

Did I mention the rocks?

Moon Rocks.

Two lane covered bridge in Philip WVa.  Happens to also be the scene of the first land battle in the Civil War.

My souvenir, a little dirt from Davis WVa.