Monday, February 22, 2016

It isn't dead

The singlespeed, that is. One thing I certainly have a fondness for are rigid, steel, singlespeed mountain bikes. A few years ago they were called a fad in so much as even Redline dropped the Monocog! (well, all their "adult" bikes actually, and do be true, the last Monocog was aluminum, meh).

The All City Log Lady (yes, those Minneapolis hipsters better known for their steel cross bikes):

And somewhat less mainstream perhaps, but with what looks like a bargain compared to some of the other SS offerings out, State Bicycle Co released the Pulsar 29er, with a pretty sweet pain job.

Of course, I have ridden neither, nor have I even seen one, so I can't make a recommendation. I am simply just pleased to see steel, rigid, singlespeed bikes being offered.


Brock has a way with words for sure. In today's installment:

  • Brock to Shelly: "I love you and your eye brows look like the top of a heart." (How can I even begin to compete with that?)
  • "I like birthdays, especially mine".
We also has spring on Saturday with the thermometer hitting 70 degrees, this just days after the most recent snow storm. Finally getting the oil changed in Shelly's car and the salt brine washed off everything, Ethan and I got out for a back road ride through some mud (calling our roads "gravel" would be a compliment, they are much more on the dirt side of things).

Four weeks until the Grovel Rouser...


Friday, February 12, 2016

US or Them

A bit of commentary to follow...

So for some strange reason we have begun receiving "US" magazine in the mail. Not sure why, maybe a practical joke, maybe a marketing tactic, maybe a mistake? None the less, it is there. And to be honest, I find it a little embarrassing. That magazine (which should more accurately be called "THEM") is full of gossip, meaningless none-sense, and trivial information about narcissistic, self consumed, so far removed from real life people, situations, and articles it isn't funny. Even scary considering how many people eat this stuff up.

-A recent article portraying a young hip-hop artist commented about how much he loves Vans shoes, and how he often wears them only one time and then disposes of them.
-There is a section that show celebs doing normal people stuff like - Will Farrell picks up some packages, Harrison Ford rides his bike (a non-lefty Cannondale Trail for those interested), and Brad Pitt gets a cup of coffee.

For a guy that hardly reads the Church prayer lists as they walk the fine line of Church gossip newsletters, this magazine is out right over the top. I hope it ends soon.

With that out of the way... Winter has turned to spring then winter then spring again and now winter. Typical south east Ohio stuff really. Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw, freeze. Makes riding a pain as the trails are either sloppy muddy or it is 6 degrees. Some gravel roads have been ridden on the spring days, and a few trainer sessions in the basement, but hardly what would be considered training.

On the home front, we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. We both took the day off of work and spent it doing little more than getting food and coffee, but while not at work and without the distraction of the kids. It was good. Oh, and Ethan has his drivers permit!

Breakfast at Harvest Moon Cafe in Canal Winchester. Dang she is pretty.
Spring sunset.
Winter commute.
New bike parts, dang that is pretty.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Over the weekend I got to work on the bikes. With the addition of the Redline d660 and switch over of my old d440 to full mountain bike mode for Ethan, I was left without a drop bar 29er and a 26er SS without bars. I pulled the Groovy Luv Handles from my Monocog Flight 29er, changed the stem to a 120mm and installed them on the 26er. I then pulled the Gevenalle shifter off the brake lever as I used it on the d440 and installed those on the Monocog 29er (along with a switch out of the 20T cog to a 16T). I now have a single speed back road - gravel rouser - bikepacking - XC bike with dirt drops. I even had the chance to take a short spin on it with melting snow and thawing mud.

Matching shades of blue.
The 16T is a little steep for some of the climbs (including my driveway) but it is all I had. I should replace it with a 17T. (34:17). That will let me switch the 18T out on the 26er for the 16T (32:16). The old 26er has a tired Rock Shox Tora SL. Even though we did a full service on it last year, it is still sticky. Turns out that picking up a rigid 26er fork with a 423 mm axle to crown distance isn't all that easy. Everything today is suspension corrected for modern 100mm forks, not the old 80mm setups. (So if you happen to have an old Redline Monocog 26 or a Salsa Cro Moto with 423 A-C around, please drop me a message).