Monday, June 9, 2014


Last time I wrote, I was contemplating the Wayne Ultra.  This race seems to happen every year on the same weekend as Brock and Michael's birthday.  I tried to plan around those this year and manage the race.  After a long day getting ready for parties, the party itself, and the cleanup to follow I was completely wasted.  I overslept the following morning (of the race) and decided to let it go again this year.  Sadly it was the best weather I can remember for the event too.  When racing (and the required training) are pushed lower and lower on the priorities list, it is really hard to prepare for an ultra distance event.  It is what it is.  Maybe next year.

Ethan has grown so much much and now is officially moving on to high school. This also means he has outgrown the PW80 dirt bike.  This spring I sold an old youth four wheeler (from my youth kind of old) and his PW80 so we could afford to pick up something more his size.  Enter the Yamaha TTR125L.  Great little trail bike for him to learn on.  A friend at work knew somebody, which was better than the craigslist surfing.  For example, messages about a used DRZ125:

Me: When might be a good time to come look at your DRZ?
Seller: Umm not sure yet I'm fishin right now and I don't know when I'll be back.

Apparently he never got back.

I also am replacing my old Honda XL500S (contact me if you are interested in it), replacing it with a used KTM 640.  That KTM vibrates as much as my old Harley, makes me feel right at home.  And now I can ride-the-world (or at least ride it to work which is about where my world ends most days).  Got to take a road trip with a good friend to pick it up.  Been a long time since I did that and it was a good day.

Other happenings have included the dismantling of our tree house.  I built it for the older boys, before Brock was ever a possibility.  The tree had grown so much it was breaking the deck and mounting support.  I tried to take the house down to keep as a play house for Brock.  Things didn't work out thought when a temporary brace broke, sending the house to the ground.  At least nobody was hurt and the house it rebuild-able.  Bonus: Brock loves where I moved the slide.  Of course the same day I also broke my tractor blade trying to fix the driveway (again) following the down pours from the week before.

I'll make a plug for Shade Winery here.  We sneaked away from my folks while they had the boys to sit on the deck with a glass of wine on a great Sunday afternoon.  Super people, great atmosphere.  You should go.