Monday, November 23, 2015

Dog Gone'it

Soccer season has ended. The boy's did well, making it to regional semi-finals. Now I get to come home from work and eat supper together, even if dark out (sunset yesterday was 5:08 pm).  The weather has been mild enough that I still get some lunch trail rides from the office.

This past Saturday I even got out for a long ride (targeting 50 miles).  About 40 miles in, a youngish dog ran out from a yard and began to run along side me. It seemed non-aggressive, and my usual tricks to get a dog to stop did not work either. It followed along side me for another 50 yards or so and then suddenly dove in to my front wheel. It was a short fall to the ground and the dog just kept running.  I landed on my shoulder which is still a little sore, but thankfully no road rash and no broken collar bone.  The bike frame still seems solid, though I will get a professional opinion on that today. A bit of peripheral damage to the bike. I continued on for about another 5 miles before getting a ride home.  I felt OK, but the bike wouldn't shift right and I didn't want to damage anything (plus my lowest gear was making a lot of noise and I knew I need it to get up my driveway).

Sadly, dealing with dogs is something we just have to do in order to ride. Even good dogs like to run.