Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Year

I had hoped to be able to write about all the things I accomplished last year, all the riding I did over break, and the grand plans for this coming year, but as it happens, life happens.

I am still fighting whatever hit me on Christmas Eve.  Though I have not had any more migraines (4 in 8 days was enough!) I am still dizzy, ears hurt, neck hurts, headaches, and I keep loosing sensation in my right hand.  I am a week into a two week round of antibiotics which always upset my stomach   That on top of not being able to sleep well as my head pounds when I lay down, I am feeling rough.  I did manage one trainer ride over the weekend, only to get so dizzy afterwards I had to sit down.

Stats for the year are unimpressive: 2086 miles and 142 hours (that includes running and biking).

At least I got to take Ethan to our annual Christmas break basketball game.  OU pounded Marshal.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Break

Beard Fest 2012: One of our guys at work had the great idea to grow beards from October 1 through Christmas break.  I think all but two of the folks in the picture shaved within a couple days of the photo.

Our office closed from Christmas through New Years.  I had hoped to list all the great stuff I did while on break, instead, I had a rash of migraine headaches with the first one on Christmas Eve.  The doctor told me today that this is the most common time of the year for them likely due to all the turmoil and stress of the holidays.  Anyway, only a couple of short runs in the snow and a trainer ride, not very exciting.  The weather was festive though.  We got around 5 inches of snow which made for some picturesque views.

Finally on New Years eve we decided to go to Lake Hope State Park as the new lodge had recently opened.  We got there only to find that they were doing a special New Year's Eve buffet instead of their regular menu, so we headed to Athens for a wonderful diner at Salam.  I have yet to have bad food or bad service there and this was no exception.

Happy new year all, time to get ready for the spring race season.

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