Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November 22 and it was 70 degrees, that isn't supposed to happen.  Just put the new (very used) Monocog together with parts off of my d440.  I had hoped to go for a short loop at lunch, but since, luckily, work was slow so I got to take a two hour single-track vacation.  I headed to the Athens trails and rode Rock House, Athens Trail, Finger Rock, Thunderbunny, and Sundown.  What a blast.  After almost 20 miles, my legs are noodles today, but a rigid single speed is a ton of fun.

The blue Monocog Flight 29er at the Blue Ash Rockhouse.

More blue.  Took this on my way home last week.  The camera phone does not capture how vivid the double rainbow was.

Monday, November 22, 2010


First up: my new to me though very used Redline Monocog Flight 29er.  It is about time I try out single speed.  Why? Should make me stronger.  Rigid? Sure, should make be a better rider.  Besides, makes me think of riding my BMX bike when I was a kid.  Will pull parts from other bikes to give it a ride soon..

Next, the Thomspon stem.  Very well made piece of gear.  Should last forever.

I also shot some photos of my two drop bar bikes.  These bikes are for sale as I need to replace them with a single modern road bike.  Particularly, a Masi Gran Criterium.  For 2011 they are steel and sweet. Interested in either?  Drop me a note.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wild day

Ever bid really low on something on ebay not expecting to win, then do?  Just won a set of SS wheels to go on the Redline Monocog Flight 29er frame I snagged off craigslist this week.  The frame is an '08, same year as my d440.  It has seen a ton of use, lots of nicks and rubs in the paint, but still in very good shape.  The headset that came with it is going to have to be replaced though.  Between that and youth gun season, I don't think I will head to Lake Hope tomorrow for my first SS ride.  Seriously thinking of making it a drop bar bike.  Looking forward to the legs burning!

Can't decide if I should repaint the Monocog?

Mounted a Thomson 120mm stem on the d440 this week.  Each ride left my hands hurting.  Fells good with the new stem.

Bike pictures to follow.

Brock had his 6 month checkup today too. 20.0lbs.  Big boy.  he had to get 4 vaccines (shots) too.  He is a sad little feller tonight.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Indian Summer

Indian summer ended with a short trip to Lake Hope State Park and a mountain bike. If the roads are this covered with leaves, you can imagine what the trails were like. I hit the ground a couple of times (once pretty hard) because of them. But that aside, it was a great and much needed trip.

As warm as the weekend started, it ended with cold. With as crazy as life has been the last six months, this was our first fire of the season. Just something about a fire, but I have a feeling the next one will be in the wood stove.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Night Ride

I couldn't stand it.  I have been couped up inside at work and home or just too busy to run or ride except for an occasion trainer ride (amazing how long time lasts on a trainer compared to the road or trail).  I threw a couple LED head lights that I use for working on stuff or gathering wood in the dark on the bike and on my head.  Just a 2+ mile test last night.  Need more light than that! It was fun though.  Sorry, no pictures.