Friday, February 22, 2013

February Sunshine Daydreaming

First, I should start with Valentine's day.  We aren't that big on the day itself, at least not in the way the marketplace would like us to be.  Besides, Shelly had to work late, so I left her a tealight surprise on the sidewalk when she got home.

Still, not much riding.  Kinda worried with the Lake Hope road race opener less than a month away.  Finally sneaked out at lunch yesterday for a ride.  It was 28*F out, but with the sun it felt more like 29*F.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

No time for updates.

Finally feeling mostly better (no more headaches).  Very little riding and have not run since Dec 24.  Took Ethan to an OU hockey game, have not been to one for a very long time.

Did celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago.  A winter storm put the brakes on plans to travel, so we just ate our way around S.E. Ohio visiting Lake Hope Lodge, Fluff Bakery, and Casa Nueava.  Followed this by making Shelly's favorite, manicotti and chocolate mousse.

Winter is for gravel roads.
OU Club hockey with Ethan.  I remember when the glass was chainlink. OLD.
Outside new Lodge at Lake Hope
Inside new Lodge at Lake Hope
Biscuits and gravy at Fluff Bakery
Papas 'y chili at Casa Nueva
Stuffed mushroom manicotti at casa Doug.
Getting a load of stone to help the driveway survive the weekly S.E. Ohio spring thaw.