Monday, March 23, 2009

Gravel Rouser Classic '09

From Cycling Stuff

First real ride of the year. I had been putting some miles on by running and short road trips on the MTB. I was feeling pumped. Ride started in Athens (at Toscano's) and headed out for a 20 mile back road trip to Lake Hope. Weather was great! Started in the 30's, but everyone was peeling layers by the time we reached the lake. We met at the stick pile on Habron and were to head up Bobcat, catch Copperhead, and back down Yosemite Falls to Habron and out to the furnace. I was with a group of about four riders and Tim (who I had not met before) yells "left". That left added somewhere between 5 to 7 miles to the ride. Shortly after, during the climb back up to the ridge, I had a cramp in the back of my right leg. Down I went and attempted to stretch it out. Now I am separated from the group on the wrong trail and late getting back. I could barely pedal down hill. I made it back to Copperhead and went a little way along the trail before jumping out onto Irish Ridge and down the gravel road to 278. Ended up catching a ride back to Athens in the SAG wagon. Bummed I couldn't do the full ride but I am glad I can walk today. More about the day at Athens Bicycle.
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