Monday, August 3, 2009

Race to the Hills - Lake Hope

Ethan and I Raced our first MTB race, Race to the Hills at Lake Hope State Park. Ethan entered the kids race, 3.5 miles of some road and trail. He did great, placed 3rd overall and 1st in his age group, 31 minutes. He was really excited, especially when they gave out the awards... a set of orange Oury grips for his red/black G-F.

I entered Sport - Vet class. Little did I know this would be the largest class and they would start the full sport men's division at one time. The start area was packed. 15 meters into it, a crash in front of me put me to the back of the pack. Once into the woods, it seemed I could not get my rhythm as somebody was always stopping to climb. Must be due to being in a big pack. I was not able to get out of the pack, could not get a drink of water (note to self: get a Camelback). I finally just pulled off the course to drink and get out of the group. I was much faster after this as I could ride at my normal pace. Official time - 1:46:46.9 for 16 miles. I have done better on the same loop riding by myself, but I did finish and did not finish last. I am a little disappointed in my time and the race, but at least I got my first race under my belt.

The LUV Handles were great, perfect sweep. Thanks again Rody!
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