Monday, September 14, 2009

I disappoint myself once again...

The Bob Evans Farmhand XC race was held yesterday (Sun. 13th). I went down to the farm on Friday evening and the trail was already marked. I rode the full lap. Some very tight and technical areas. Some steep climbs (even a couple uphill switchbacks). Felt decent.

Sunday: arrived to register about 10:30a. Decided to race in the expert class. Two laps, about 20 miles. I knew I would be last, but heck, get my money's worth and stay out of the sport class mayhem. Followed the back of the expert field from the start into the woods. Wasn't a 1/2 mile before I was mobbed by the front of the sport class. Not much stagger in the start.

A couple climbs and I was feeling it. Half way through I had to pull over. Energy level seemed fine. I drank fluids all morning so I wasn't dehydrated. I even used a Camelback for drinking. My stomach hurt like I had been running the 400m in high school. My head was pounding. Made it through the first lap after letting a beginner rider pass me. An extra 9 miles sounded like a bad idea and I pulled out.

Big DNF.

Not sure how I always manage to blow it on race day. 23 miles at Lake Hope and I felt good. 55 miles at the Quilt barn and I felt good. 10 miles on Friday at BEF and I felt good. Race day = feeling bad. Stomach still hurts a bit today.

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