Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Birthday Fun

So, I am about to turn 35. On a rare day for October, I headed to Lake Hope for a couple of hours of singletrack to celebrate (have not been on a trail since the Farmhand XC). About 20 minutes into my 30 minute drive, after going through swarms of lady bugs, I hear a loud bang followed by a burnt smell. I thought I had run over something and was expecting to have a flat tire.... on the car. Hmmm, car still drives fine, oh well. Get to the lake and drop the bike off the rear rack. Wait, the front tire was fine when I left home, how did it go flat on the car? Downfall of a 29er I guess, the tire was a little too close to the exit of the muffler. It literally melted through the sidewall of the tire, even melted the rim strip. No riding today. Killed a few more lady bugs on my way back home.

Thought I would salvage the afternoon and take the Jamis out for a dash down the back roads. Nope, flat tire on the rear. Found a small piece of wire through the tire tread and a hole in the tube.

Played guitar instead.
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