Friday, June 3, 2011

When it rains

For the first time in a long time, it hasn't rained.  At least not in the literal sense.

We have been in our house 6 years last April.  Apparently there is a 6 year warranty.  Just having found termites, and then replacing our water heater, I now have a loud noise coming from the heat pump blower fan, and this morning, the dishwasher pump locked up.

We lost a chick yesterday.  Not sure if something grabbed it and pulled it through the fence overnight or grabbed it during the middle of the day when they were in the yard.  Left work early yesterday so I could run 3' high chicken wire fence around the bottom of the chain link.  I also had to run a heat lamp out to the coop last night with temps dropping into the low 50's.  Bonus for the chicks, they had all the bugs they could chase and eat last night.

Did get to ride the Masi though.  I have said it before, but I really am liking this bike.  Did the typical loop through Wilkesville.  Down Point Rock Rd to Salem School Lot Rd, to 124 into Wilkesville, then 689 back to Point Rock.  18.5 miles with about 1000 ft of climbing.  It felt good.
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