Monday, September 19, 2011

Riding, Racing, and Life

Once again I find myself trying to figure out what happened to the last 4 weeks.  Got a few rides in.  manged a Sunday 42 miler a couple weeks ago.  Did the Pawpaw Double Nickle, 55 miles from Albany around Zaleski State Forest.  Have not even managed to ride a Worlds ride.  Oh well.

Soccer season continues with only 3 Saturdays worth of games left.  I do enjoy it, but it has been a challenge with Brock.  Two practices during the week and two games on Saturday is a lot of time that I am not helping out with him.  And yes, he needs constant attention or you may find him in the middle of the dining table.

I did manage to squeeze in another race, the WVMBA/OMBC Farmhand XC at Bob Evan's farm in Rio Grande, OH.  Got to the race about an hour and half early.  While standing in the registration line, bam, lightning and thunder, followed by a good hard rain for the next hour.  It finally stopped about 30 minutes before the start, but the damage was done.  I again registered for the SS Sport (OMBC) class which puts me in the massive Sport class start (and more specifically, the Sport Vet WVMBA class).  Not problem, the half mile long ride to the trailhead should let the field get way ahead of me.  I thought I was good until the first climb on the trail (about 10 yards in).  There was already a line of riders pushing their bikes.  This pattern repeated several times in the next two miles.  Tight climbs, off camber roots, lots of very slick trails.  It seemed to clear out a bit after the first long climb (in the grassy area).  Though, this too ended up a hike rather than bike.  Passed several riders in the next couple miles.  By mile 6 I was hurting with my stomach in knots.  Couldn't drink without an instant sick feeling.  Pushed it through the first lap of 10 miles just doing my best to not crash and not vomit.  By the end of my second lap I was in bad shape.  Stomach cramps had set in and I still couldn't get anything in my stomach.  Returned my number plate, changed clothes and grabbed my after race dinner plate (sponsored by Bob Evans).  I got most of that food down including a can of Coke. It wasn't long until I was ready to curl up in a ball.  Drove home, showered and spent the rest of the day either in the bathroom or on the couch.  Very little sleep overnight and much of the same otherwise.  It was Monday evening before I could eat and drink again.  And just when I though relief was in sight, I developed a strong pain in my middle back that circled around under my ribs.  It was suggested that I had strained my diaphragm.  Hard to breath and very painful to lay down meant more sleepless nights.  Or maybe I was just sick from being dizzy?

Anyway, I think I have fully recovered. I have to figure out what is going on though.  This is the third time I have had similar symptoms after a mountain bike race, with this being the worst yet.  Was hoping to ride the Wayne Ultra on Oct. 2, not sure I want to risk it though.
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