Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No Time

Most days I feel like I am living the Guess Who song, no time.  And everyone just wants more.  Work has asked me to put in more hours.  Church is asking me to play guitar more.  Ethan is playing basketball and practicing 2-3 times a week plus games.  Brock is so stinking busy, if you turn you back on him for 2 seconds, you don't know what you'll find when you turn around (like on his belly on the island counter top).  I am way behind on firewood for the year (luckily it has remained fairly mild thus far).  I am planning to finish part of the basement into another bedroom to move Michael into so we can move Brock out of our bedroom and into his own room.  I had to turn down playing soccer after a friend asked me to join their indoor team, just can't commit the time to play.

Typical Saturday: drop off Ethan for warm-ups before his first game at 9am.  Run to the gas station, grab some milk at the grocery store, pickup a package at the post office, and be back to the school by 9:30 for his game.  Home around 11 and replaced the furnace blower.  Grabbed a bite to eat and put in a quick 17 mile road ride.  Dropped Ethan off at grandpa's at 3 and stopped to get a truck load of firewood.  Home around 5 and showered and in town to get a sandwich and drop off Michael at the winter homecoming dance by 8p.  Back home, get Brock in bed (a chore in and of itself) and back to the school at 11p to pickup Michael.

Anyway, with the weather being mild for an Ohio winter, I have put in some miles outside instead of just on the trainer.  Speaking of miles, I finally looked at my 2011 log.  Managed 1,665 miles, 107,700 feet of climbing, and nearly 92 thousand calories.  Not too bad, more than double what I did in 2010.
Folks got me a near rear tire for the Masi, a floor pump, and a rechargeable taillight (Serfas USL-5R) for Christmas.  I'll try to write something up about the taillight.  Shelly also got me a 900 lumen headlight (bright!).  Now if I just had the time to get some night trail riding in.

Not a real blog post without pictures, right?

Christmas Eve's Eve OU ball game with Ethan.

The shadow proves the sunshine.

I love this old barn.  Ride past it all the time.

Glove and jacket weather.

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