Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life always gets in the way of living it seems

In what seems to now be my monthly cycle for posting (the months go so fast), here is an update to cycling life.

I drank a lot of coffee during the month of January.  Shelly bought me the Starbucks refillable tumbler for Christmas.  So, I made one or two trips to the coffee shop everyday.  Oh, and if you notice, even Starbucks is on the 29er kick.

The logistics of having a family with 3 kids, a spouse, a job, a spouse with a job, a church, an extended family, an extended church family, and trying to train for the coming cycling season (OMBC opener is just about 8 weeks away now!) is exhausting.  As you can see below, the kids agree.  Lots of days I get to bed by 11pm and wonder 1. why I am so tired, and 2. what did I accomplish?  Training?  Well, that isn't happening.

February begins with a high every year though as the 4th is our wedding anniversary.  This year marks 17 years hitched.  I was excited to take Shelly to dinner at the newest restaurant in Athens, Sol, a Cuban fusion place that opened in the old Salaam location.  I don't know if it was really the food was great, or if I was influenced by the fact that I was at dinner without any kids!  Just us.  Doesn't seem to happen much anymore.  The food was really quite good.  Based on a good friend's recommendation, I had to get the chicken and yellow rice (Arroz con pollo).  Too full for dessert and they were not set up yet to make a nice Cuban coffee, we headed home where Shelly's folks were watching the boys.  Oh, forgot to mention that Brock and I got sick the day before and were still feeling pretty pathetic on the 4th.  Life always gets in the way of living it seems.

Good news of January and February is that I have a limited number of miles on the trainer.  That is because the weather has been fairly mild for a south eastern Ohio winter.  Lots of sunny and 40 degree days means road riding.  No trail riding since the trails aren't frozen, but miles none the less.  I did rejoin Team Athens again (figured as long as they let me on the team, I better join).  Looking forward to some more riding and racing this year.
Happy Riding...
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