Monday, December 9, 2013

Deer and tractor season

Ethan has become Grandpa Don's hunting buddy and why not, Don has food plots, game cameras, heated blinds, secure hunting, and tons of experience.  The only thing I can offer is the same thing I had growing up, a chance to freeze my toes off hoping that something would appear.  Ethan has set the bar pretty high for his first buck (he killed a doe last year) with this massive 9 point.  He was ecstatic and grandpa was pretty wound up about it too.

While thing #2 was out sitting in a heated blind waiting for the above mentioned buck, I was sliding backwards down my driveway once again.  My tractor season started early this year as I tried to get most of the snow off the 20% grade that begins my driveway.  I love living out in the sticks, having a log home up on a secluded hill, but I am enjoying the drive and driveway less every year.  Funny that our new pastor thinks we over-react to the amount of snow around here (he is from a flatter part of the country).  Of course, he also lives 200 feet from the Appalachian Highway.

Normally, I can't wait for that fresh snow so I can hit the back roads on knobby tires but this year, like the rest of the time, it just hasn't happened yet.  Oh well, sounds like trainer season is on the schedule now too.

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