Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Retrospective

What is a blog without an end of year retrospective?  Here it goes:

Statistics: 1,225.6 miles (951.8 road/184.8 trail/69.3 trainer) = almost 94 hours, 63,791 feet of climbing and 57,623 calories.
Maybe this sounds like a lot, maybe not.  It is down almost exactly 1,000 miles from the year before.  I missed a lot of riding with a broken foot, investigating a heart arrhythmia and having an overactive 3 year old.  However, I did get to race at the OSRS road race at Lake Hope (though this meant missing the Gravel Rouser) and made another trip to Davis, WV for a weekend of mountain biking and camping.

Statistics: 17.6 miles.
Yep, that is it.  Not much more to say, every time I tried to get running back into my weekly exercise, it seemed to get trumped by something else.

Thing #1 (Michael) graduated high school, turned 18, and moved out (in an effort to become more independent he moved in with my folks).  Thing #2 (Ethan) killed his first turkey and a dandy 9 point buck hunting with his grandpa and turned into a teenager.  Thing #3 (Brock) turned from terrible two to trying three.  Really, this boy takes a disproportionate amount of energy and time.  Shelly and I survived it with a weekend trip to the mountains of WVa and lots of coffee.

Happy New Year all, here is to more miles and new adventures.

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