Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dual Sportin'

Thanks to the guys at Athens Sport Cycles for fixing my two pinched inner tubes from me replacing my tires on the KTM, I got the bike all ready, packed some camping gear, and loaded the GPS for a 1-1/2 day ride and camp trip planned with some friends.

We (Ryan, Bill, Sam, myself) met at Casa for breakfast before heading south east out of Athens.  Soon we were turning on to a Dry Weather Road.  That turned out to be the easy one.  We wound our way about some townships roads and turned past a farm.  The road quickly turned grass covered and them to mud, rocks, roots.  Oh yeh, and it rained over night and continued throughout the morning.  The mud got slick, quickly filling the less aggressive treads (I was glad to have the large knobs of the T63).  At one point we popped out of the woods into what appeared to be a hay field and were greeted with a stop sign, in the middle of the field.  Evidence that we were in fact on an old, non-maintained township road.

Between the workout of pushing 300+ pound dirt bikes through mud and the constant rain, we called the ride after the morning run.  Instead, we rode uptown Athens, still covered in a bit of mud, for coffee and then a late lunch before heading home for a shower (both me and the bike).  Great fun, would like to try it again in the dry!

Couple of things I learned: when doing such a ride, go with someone that is 6'6".  You never get so stuck that he can't get you out.  Second, I need a MX/DS helmet.  I love the Shoei RF-1100, but you don't get a lot of airflow when riding slow.  I roasted in it.

Just get out there.

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