Saturday, April 1, 2017

What's Spinning

Besides cycling, one of my other passions is music. Both listening to and playing it. So instead of sharing my political views like it seems everyone else on the Internet is doing, I thought I would start sharing my music. So, what's spinning:

Gary Clark Jr. - The Story of Sonny Boy Slim

I really appreciate Gary Clark Jr.'s style here. He seems to be excellent at knowing what NOT to play. So many very talented guitarists can play complex, fast, etc., here, he knows how to let the songs breathe, how to groove. The Healing, with just a few single overdriven guitar notes through the verse is exactly what the song needs. Simple guitar rhythm on Church lets his voice come through.  The repeated riff on Wings, and that bass line on Cold Blooded! The album should have your head bobbing through most of the tracks, unless your head bobber is broken.

And speaking of what's spinning, or as the case was, not spinning...

If you have a full size Chevy truck and find yourself pulling in to your driveway and thinking, hmmm,is the neighbor burning trash? Well it may just be your back brakes. This isn't the first time this has happened. The caliper pad carrier rusts and locks the pads in place. Then the pads drag so much that the wheel gets too hot to touch.

On a closing, cycling note, I got out for a ride today. Actually two rides. I headed out and got caught by high water. A quick check of my phone and there was a text from Jase that he and Ryan were heading out. Back home, a cup of coffee and loaded in the truck. All in, about 45 miles of back roads with over 4700 feet of climbing. Garmin says I cooked through over 2800 calories.

Keep rocking.

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