Monday, March 19, 2018


I heard the term Leguary recently (so I can't take credit for it). It's true. Legs that may spin some through the winter are never really ready for that first long ride of the year. This year was going to be different. I put the longest trainer rides I have ever done only to set myself back playing soccer.

This past weekend should have been the Gravel Rouser. It was also the end of spring break at school. I have been hitting it pretty hard at work trying to meet deadlines and do what we used to do with twice as many staff.

So I had Friday off from work and Sunday off from playing guitar at church. We had planned a quick trip to the Blackwater Falls area/Davis/Thomas WV for some hiking and food. But as luck would have it we ended up under a winter weather/freezing rain advisory when we would have been traveling. Instead we headed to Casa for breakfast follow later by some pie from Fluff. After getting some stuff done I got out with the ole Redline d440 and blasted some back roads for a couple hours and my legs could tell.

Saturday was spent watching it rain and then moving and splitting firewood (for next year since we are still without the wood stove). I loosely planned to make Sunday the big ride day. It was supposed to turn sunny and in the 50's. Before I could finalize a big back road rouser, Ethan asked if we could hit the trails. We ended up at Lake Hope for the afternoon. Ethan is still getting his bike legs but did a good job trying to keep up with this old man. In the end we did 19 miles of trails before running out of food and water.

And today was near 60. After work I took the chance to replace the brakes on Shelly's car. Now to settle in for the next winter storm that is to follow the rain coming tonight and tomorrow. 2 to 4 inches of wet snow predicted.

Hope you can get outside.
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