Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nickel and Dime and Lost Time

Hey, what happened.  I used to have ESPN-Classic.  But now when I try to watch the World Cup games in the evening, I can't.  It is listed on Dishnetwork's website as part of my package.  Have a couple other issues as well, so after three phone calls and over an hour of my life that I will never get back, ESPN-Classic is an add on.  Oh and my receiver is old and is having trouble, so that will require replacing.  But thanks for being one of our long time valued customers.  Not valued enough that I am treated better than a new customer.  $95 for my receiver replacement, new 24 month contract (have not been under contract for years) and no Classic.

Rural living has its price, satellite is the only TV option other than O.T.A. (which I suggested we use, it is free, did not go too well with the fam).  Satellite is the only option for Internet service (expensive, serious lag, and another dish in the yard).  Phone?  No cell service (funny story about Sprint offering data service for home even after I told them we did not have coverage there, she said I did not need cell coverage, this is data).  Land line is expensive because everywhere I call is long distance unless we get a regional package.

But at least we get to hear obnoxious ATV's at all hours.  Ah, the country life.
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