Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Brock had me up at 3:30a yesterday. I did manage a nap from 5 to 5:30a though (not sure that was a good idea!). Left a message at work that I would be in late and decided to get some stress relief before my 9:30 meeting. What to do, go back to bed? Nope, it was sunny and 49 degrees out. Nice fall morning so I grabbed my helmet and my mountain bike for a gravel road loop. I have also been seriously looking at getting/converting to single speed.  So, I did the loop in 4th gear without shifting (32 x 18T).  Short, only 6.5 miles, but it felt better than sleeping.

Met Jeff at soccer practice. While the boys practiced, we hit the road for a 3 mile run. Great weather, great friend, and two great workouts in one day. In my best Steve impression, it was just great. I needed it.

After practice, Ethan and I headed to the church to pick up Michael from youth group.  We had 1/2 hour to kill so Ethan wanted to kick the ball around.  Ouch, that right ankle still hurts when I kick.  Just don't heal like I used to.

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