Friday, November 19, 2010

Wild day

Ever bid really low on something on ebay not expecting to win, then do?  Just won a set of SS wheels to go on the Redline Monocog Flight 29er frame I snagged off craigslist this week.  The frame is an '08, same year as my d440.  It has seen a ton of use, lots of nicks and rubs in the paint, but still in very good shape.  The headset that came with it is going to have to be replaced though.  Between that and youth gun season, I don't think I will head to Lake Hope tomorrow for my first SS ride.  Seriously thinking of making it a drop bar bike.  Looking forward to the legs burning!

Can't decide if I should repaint the Monocog?

Mounted a Thomson 120mm stem on the d440 this week.  Each ride left my hands hurting.  Fells good with the new stem.

Bike pictures to follow.

Brock had his 6 month checkup today too. 20.0lbs.  Big boy.  he had to get 4 vaccines (shots) too.  He is a sad little feller tonight.
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