Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November 22 and it was 70 degrees, that isn't supposed to happen.  Just put the new (very used) Monocog together with parts off of my d440.  I had hoped to go for a short loop at lunch, but since, luckily, work was slow so I got to take a two hour single-track vacation.  I headed to the Athens trails and rode Rock House, Athens Trail, Finger Rock, Thunderbunny, and Sundown.  What a blast.  After almost 20 miles, my legs are noodles today, but a rigid single speed is a ton of fun.

The blue Monocog Flight 29er at the Blue Ash Rockhouse.

More blue.  Took this on my way home last week.  The camera phone does not capture how vivid the double rainbow was.

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