Monday, December 6, 2010

It's December already!?

Really? What happened to fall?  Now the days are short and cold.  We have snow on the ground.  And... it isn't even winter yet.  Have not been on the bike other than a couple of stints on the indoor rollers.  Running? Well, too scared on account of it has been deer (gun) season).  Plus, did I mention its dark when I get home? Oh, and cold too?

Let's see.  Wheels.  I had won a set of brand new WTB Speed Disc SS 29er wheels on eBay for $65!  They aren't the best wheels, but wow that is cheap.  A few days later I get a shipping notice.  A week later I get a notice that says, sorry, we did not have these in inventory and will need to cancel your order.  Seriously?  Hope it was an honest mistake.  Will still need to share a set of wheels between the two frames.

Shelly and I got each other our Christmas presents last week, new cell phones.  Sprint had a holiday special so we get them for free (with a rebate).  Amazing what phones have become.  We got the LG Optimus, an Android 2.2 phone.  Big plus?  Purple, for Shelly of course.

Cycle Path ordered me a Surly cog for the Monocog.  Seems like a very well made piece.  I am still amazed at how easily the whole gear train spins as a single speed.
Life, school, work, kids, cold, dark, lack of sleep, etc really takes a toll after some time.  Decided to try and spoil Shelly.  The older boys went to my folks for the night.  I brought home Lam's Garden (one of her favorites).  Made some dark chocolate mousse and while it was chilling, lit the fire in the wood stove.

Finished putting up the Christmas tree and decorations on Saturday.  Log homes just look so natural with a pine tree in them.
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