Friday, September 14, 2012

Heavy Hearted

Really fighting through the day with a heavy heart.  Yesterday, I received a call from my wife (who was crying) that a friend had passed away after a short, hard fight with cancer.  Beth was the same age as Shelly and her husband and two young boys will be carrying on without her.  Doesn't seem real.  That news was followed by the happy announcement of a new baby boy in another friend's quiver.  One lost and another gained.

On the biking front, there are probably a lot of updates since the last time I posted, but I can't remember what they are other than a few.

1 - I have been running a lot more recently.  For several reasons: maintain bone density and testosterone levels, sometimes I enjoy it, so I can play soccer, and I can run sometimes when i can't ride and get a cardio workout in less time.

2 - The Farmhand XC race was cancelled; the last race of the year.  This equals an entire season without a single race, not even making it out to one of the Team Athens time trials or worlds training races.  So instead, I put dirt tires back on the d440 and hit the back roads of Vinton County checking out a couple tunnels along the way.  Tried a short section of single track when I came past the lake only to spin the back tire on a culvert and smash myself into the bars leaving a bruised leg among other things.  It was a nice day to just ride with little in mind as far as pace or route in mind.

3 - Planning a trip to ride in WV!  A co-worker is heading to Davis WV for a weekend of camping and trail riding, and I will be joining him.  I'll try to remember to take a real camera for this one.

Time to Get Busy Living.

Donkey before work, because life is too short to drink bad coffee. 

OU v. NM with Ethan

King Tunnel

Lake Hope Trails

Lake Hope

Moonville Tunnel
Big rock high in the air.  Yes, those are the tops of the trees.

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