Thursday, December 20, 2012

Halloween to Christmas - Overdue Updates

Been a long time since I last updated.  The last couple months have continued to be busy ones.  So busy, it even wore out Brock apparently.  Did a XC run on Veteran's day at the Ridges in memory of my brother.  It has been 7 years since he was killed.  Made a couple trips to Cleveland for work.  Managed a couple long lunch rides while the weather was still dry (it is too dark to ride after work).  Had 22 people at our house for Thanksgiving and shot some clay targets after lunch.  Ethan shot well but left a good bruise on his cheek.  He followed this with his first deer kill (a nice doe, hunting with Shelly's dad, not sure who was prouder).  He followed that up with a concussion during a basketball scrimmage and he was out for two weeks (missing a full week of school).  Played bass for the church's Christmas production.  Now, I am trying to get a couple of final things done before the Christmas break.

Funny, Michael says to us during dinner a couple nights ago: "seems like all  you do is plan, cook, take care of Brock, and work".  Observant.  At least I go to the Donkey early Wednesday for coffee.  Uptown Athens is sure nice (when the students are gone).

Merry Christmas all,

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