Monday, March 11, 2013

Cookies, Bikes, and Dogs

This weekend we were treated to a couple rare days of both sunshine and warm temperatures.  Typically in S.E. Ohio, we get warm and gray/rain or sun and cold.  We took advantage of it by first going to Athens to get groceries and breakfast at Fluff Bakery uptown (fantastic mushroom gravy over cheddar biscuits, and Brock loved the cookies).  During the afternoon, I got the B.O.B. trailer hooked up to my Redline d440, lubed up the chain on Shelly's new-to-her Giant Talon and down the road we rode.  A very nice 5 mile (roundtrip) with a stop halfway to check out the spring peepers.

I hit the road on Sunday on the Masi with a brand new set of Kenda Kountach tires.  Had intended to make it out to Lake Hope to ride the OSRS road course in anticipation of next Saturday's race, but time didn't work out, so I headed for a local loop instead.  Not a half a mile in on one of the biggest climbs of the day I was getting chased down by a large, unhappy dog.  Trying to sprint away up a 7% climb wasn't working, yelling wasn't working, finally got my water bottle out and sprayed him in the face.  The good: no teeth marks and the best time ever making that climb.  The bad: induced an asthma attack, my lungs were on fire.  Ended up cutting the ride short, only 21 miles of my planned 30.

Shot over to my aunt's for a family gathering for my cousin who is getting married this week and was in town from TX.  Funerals and weddings, the only time we all get together...

Oh yeh, and Michael hit another deer last night.  Two in less than a year.

And today the warm weather holds but with rain, chance of a coating of snow mid-week.

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