Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break?

The weekend started with a half decent day Saturday   Cold morning yielded to nearly 50F in the afternoon with a bit of sunshine as a bonus.  I was finally able to drop a tulip poplar tree that was starting to rot near the base and was dangerously close to the house.  Hooked a choker up high and pulled strapping aroung another tree and hooked to my truck (while Shelly drove) to keep the tree from hitting the house.  Went beautifully and landed right where I planned.  Started to cut down a maple that is dying from the top down too.  But, after cutting in, sap poured out.  So I put a bucket under it instead and made a very small amount of maple syrup.  Got in a short back road ride in the afternoon (first ride since the Lake Hope race) before dropping Ethan off at Shelly's folks for some fishing and we headed to town for groceries.  Shelly and the boys start spring break today.  Not exactly spring break like out with a Winter Weather Advisory until Tuesday though.

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