Thursday, July 11, 2013

20 years and a Change of plans

July 4th marked 20 years since Shelly said yes when I asked her on a date.  We celebrated by skipping the fireworks with a 3 year old that was done by 8:30 that evening.  Instead, we got out for dinner at Rickshaw Thai over the weekend.  Lovely place with lovely owners/operators, I highly recommend you make a reservation and eat here.

This past week also brought back my heart arrhythmia.  Something needs to change apparently, I just haven't figured out the trigger.  I am now on a beta blocker to try to treat the symptoms.  I did go for a ride this week though and the effects of the meds were apparent.  My heart rate was a good 20 bpm lower on some of the climbs than in the past.  Still don't know if I will be on these meds long term or what the future of any racing will be.

I have been seeing a doe and her twin fawns hanging out in the front yard a lot lately.  Fun to watch the little ones.

Oh look, it is raining again...

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