Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Eric would have been 42 yesterday.  I had planned to ride out to St. Johns Cemetery at lunch, but we had another winter storm over the weekend and temps were still only 19 degrees.  Hopefully I will still make the ride out but later in the week when temperatures moderate a bit.

Backing up a bit, I made stuffed cinnamon french toast for us on Valentine's day.  We don't get into the whole "holiday", maybe because our anniversary is so close, or maybe not.

The following week we had some excitement at work as a helicopter outfitted to trim power line right of ways was using the vacant parking lot next door as a staging area.  Well, they had to leave behind the saw a couple days so I had to check it out.  Impressive but also insane to think about dragging it around under a helicopter while flying within feet of a high voltage line.  Interesting that it has its own power system, a twin Kohler, and a belt drive to the blades.

I mentioned that we had another winter storm.  This was the lion of March (hopefully).  While it was forecast to bring up to a quarter inch of ice and then top it with seven inches of snow, the storm track took a slightly more southern track.  We only had around a tenth of an inch of ice as it started as mostly rain for several hours before turning into about 3 inches of snow.  I had picked up a Generac inverter generator (iX2000) earlier in the week. Been toying with the idea ever since my old Tecumseh powered Sears hand-me-down, loud, and heavy one threw a rod several years ago.  I didn't want a big unit, just enough to run a fridge and our propane water heater.  This one is quiet and light weight.  Figure I can use it as backup power, "farm" use and for camping trips.  (If you are looking, Athens Sport Cycles is now a Generac dealer, one of the compelling reasons for me to pick this unit up).  We however did not loose power.  While I did not get to use the generator, I did get to clear the driveway, by hand, again.

Slow progress is being made on the basement finishing.  Part of the ceiling is up and a few light fixtures.

Riding?  Oh, that is what I have been doing in the basement on rollers.  Smashed last two years numbers on trainer time.

Ready for the Gravel Rouser!
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