Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Wolfman - Rousing the Gravel

The 2014 edition of the famed Gravel Rouser is in the books.  I missed most of this last year since it was the same weekend as the Team Athens OSRS road race at Lake Hope, but not this year.  To make up for my absences in the past, I committed to attempt the wolfman and do all four events.

Event #1: Moto Enduro
Not the new, MTB fad, downhill enduro, this one was a motorcycle style.  A good warm up to the weekend with almost 8 miles of trail.  It was fun and I did not burn any checkpoints.

Event #2: Jim's TT
Jim has a very nice set of private trails at his home on the hill.  This evening event was a timed TT over about 2.2 miles.  To make it better, Ethan came along and was the youngest competitor.  After pre-riding so he could get a good feel for the trails, we were off, in 2 minute increments.  Again, I did well, not on the podium well, but fun time none the less.  Ethan was happy too exclaiming "that was fun" after finishing.

Event #3: the Classic
Huge turnout for the classic (I heard 96 riders, about double what was expected), a 54 mile loop of back roads and trails out and back to Lake Hope.  We took a short detour this year and went down a section of a rail trail and through a tunnel.  At the lake we did a short trail "race" during which I dropped the chain on my Redline d440 four times!  Must be why I usually ride singlespeed on trails.  A quick lunch of whatever snack foods your stomach could handle, and back on the roads, past Moonville and to Eclipse where Kiser's had some good BBQ waiting for us. By the end, I can say my legs were roasted.

not my bike BTW

Event #4: City Grab-n-Git
I was honestly a little tired of pushing fat tires and steel frames around so I brought my Masi road bike for this one.  A little scavenger hunt in the city of Athens.  One of the more entertaining stops was a shopping trip in Walmart.  Good beat to the checkout by an older man with a cart full and an um-amused checkout worker.  Dashed around town to the other 4 stops and finished with coffee and donuts.  Again, not on the podium but I did get my Wolfman award.  Only 361 days until next year.

Four days and 73+ miles, I am eating everything I see.  Was this close to fixing breakfast at 3am Monday.

More information and photos are available from Athens Bicycle here:
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