Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring (or is it allergy) season

Spring has finally arrived.  The dogwood is blooming, the turkeys are gobbling, the carpenter bees are licking their lips at the sight of our log home, and the allergies are hitting hard.  A year ago, I took a day off work to go turkey hunting and proceeded to break my foot riding the old dual sport afterwards.  This year I planned to not repeat that series of events.  Last Thursday I got the day off and harvested my first turkey since 2003 (IIRC).  It was a great cool morning and an exciting hunt.  The tom was too busy strutting his stuff for an uninterested hen to notice me crawling up the hill and popping up on him.  The 870 with a 3" #6 load did its job.  Not the biggest bird ever, 7/8" spurs and 8-1/2" beard, most likely a 2 year old.  Beautiful bird.

I followed the hunting trip up with a dual sport ride on the old Honda XL500S.  Great day exploring some of the low maintenance township roads in the area.

Saturday I got a call to help a friend move.  One of the blessings of having a giant truck!  Sunday, following church and dinner with my folks, I got out for a dirt road ride of the pedaling kind.  Had to spin the legs when I can, hoping to race next weekend.  Happy Spring.

Oh, that's what the dead end sign meant.

Spring flowers.

2 hours of roads like this.

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