Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring race season is here

Spring race season is here, in full force. However, my fitness isn't. This past weekend there were a total of 4 races that one could plan to attend. OSRS Zanesfield, Mining Country Road Race (Wilkesville), OMBC at the Wilds, and WVMBA at Mountwood. I didn't even consider the Zanesfield road race. The Wilkesville race popped up late in the planning, plus it was on a Saturday, so I penciled it in. The OMBC race is also on Saturday, but an 80 mile drive to get there. The WVMBA race is on Sunday which makes it tough to get to. So, going in to this weekend, I loosely planned to race Wilkesville.

Friday night, Ethan had a invitational track meet. The weather wasn't great with thunderstorms in the area and a pretty steady wind up to 30 mph at times. Oh, and it got colder. The high winds messed with the timing equipment at the track and made the meet go SLOW. Ethan ran 110 hurdles (the first event), the 400 (in the middle), and the last leg of the 4x400. We were out, with an active 3 year old, in the cold wind for 4 hours. I finally got home at 10:30 and didn't have any of my racing stuff or the bike ready. And I was beat. Got up Saturday morning late and tired. I decided not to race and instead, just drove down to the start and then watched the race as it came by the house on 689. It was a windy and cold race, but a very good showing for Team Athens.

Sunday afternoon I managed to get out for a hard effort ride.  Only about 18 miles, but I was beat when I was done.  Hopefully I can get feeling good in time for the Wayne Ultra in May.

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