Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Cross Training

Shoveling is cross training for a cyclist, right?

Several weeks ago we had a bit of a thaw with temperatures even hitting 60F.  The thaw is always rough on our 600 foot long driveway, even though we have put over 300 tons of crushed limestone on it since we built it in 2003.  I managed to get the topper off my truck and hauled three loads of stone (two loads of 304's and one load of 8's).  All in, I shoveled about 11,500 pounds of stone in under a week.

Fast forward a couple weeks and we have hit record lows and multiple snow falls (and a week worth of no school snow days).  The first couple of snows were fairly low on the moisture content and I push broomed the driveway clear.  This seems to work well for up to 4 or 5 inches, as long as the driveway is frozen and the snow is light and powdery.  The most recent event dumped around 8 inches of wetter snow on top of the 5 inches already on the ground.  This one took about 5 hours with a shovel to get two tire paths down the full length.

So you may be asking, why not use the tractor?  The thawing helped make tire ruts on the driveway, lower than the middle and the sides.  The tractor does a great job of removing the snow from the middle and then packing it tight in the tire tracks.  After sliding down (and even getting stuck) in the past years I have learned it is better to try it by hand.  Besides, I need the winter core workout.

Intense game of mini pool on a snow day.

Where I spent 5 hours of my Sunday.  Guess which path got sun during the afternoon?

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