Monday, March 2, 2015

Two and a half weeks

Two and a half weeks to the 2015 Gravel Rouser and just under four weeks to the Lake Hope Road race.  Am I ready?  Nope.  I can barely get one trainer session in a week, just enough to keep my legs spinning and burn some winter calories.

I am now on my third round of winter illness too, this time, just a classic cold.  This past Saturday morning Shelly asked what I had planned for the day.  I responded that I would go easy, move some firewood and maybe put a new set of tires on my rouser bike.  Those plans changed quickly a short time later when Shelly yelled from the shower.  I went in to find her holding the shower head in her hand.  The shower arm had broken off in the wall.  This was then followed by a text from the middle son with a picture of his now swollen wrist and that they don't think it is broken.

I managed to get a replacement part to get by for the shower late in the afternoon and Ethan doesn't have a broken wrist.  Hopefully next time he decides to try a front side 720 with a snowboard (or maybe it was just he and a friend building a small ramp) he will be more careful.

On Sunday, the rains came (and melted a bit of the snow).  I finally did just rest through the afternoon until playing indoor soccer with Ethan.  I have two blisters, a bruised shin, and a sore hand.  Why yes, I was the oldest person there.

I managed to mount those tires though.  I had ordered a set of Continental Race King 29x2.0 tires thinking they would be fast and light for riding back roads but still have some volume and grip.  I set them up tubeless on my Sun Ringle NoTubes ready rims.  If you intend to do the same with this tire, just know it will be work.  Two days in and I am still finding leaks in the sidewalls.  But if it works, I hopefully won't end up flatting at the Hilly Billy.
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