Monday, February 22, 2016

It isn't dead

The singlespeed, that is. One thing I certainly have a fondness for are rigid, steel, singlespeed mountain bikes. A few years ago they were called a fad in so much as even Redline dropped the Monocog! (well, all their "adult" bikes actually, and do be true, the last Monocog was aluminum, meh).

The All City Log Lady (yes, those Minneapolis hipsters better known for their steel cross bikes):

And somewhat less mainstream perhaps, but with what looks like a bargain compared to some of the other SS offerings out, State Bicycle Co released the Pulsar 29er, with a pretty sweet pain job.

Of course, I have ridden neither, nor have I even seen one, so I can't make a recommendation. I am simply just pleased to see steel, rigid, singlespeed bikes being offered.
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