Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Over the weekend I got to work on the bikes. With the addition of the Redline d660 and switch over of my old d440 to full mountain bike mode for Ethan, I was left without a drop bar 29er and a 26er SS without bars. I pulled the Groovy Luv Handles from my Monocog Flight 29er, changed the stem to a 120mm and installed them on the 26er. I then pulled the Gevenalle shifter off the brake lever as I used it on the d440 and installed those on the Monocog 29er (along with a switch out of the 20T cog to a 16T). I now have a single speed back road - gravel rouser - bikepacking - XC bike with dirt drops. I even had the chance to take a short spin on it with melting snow and thawing mud.

Matching shades of blue.
The 16T is a little steep for some of the climbs (including my driveway) but it is all I had. I should replace it with a 17T. (34:17). That will let me switch the 18T out on the 26er for the 16T (32:16). The old 26er has a tired Rock Shox Tora SL. Even though we did a full service on it last year, it is still sticky. Turns out that picking up a rigid 26er fork with a 423 mm axle to crown distance isn't all that easy. Everything today is suspension corrected for modern 100mm forks, not the old 80mm setups. (So if you happen to have an old Redline Monocog 26 or a Salsa Cro Moto with 423 A-C around, please drop me a message).


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