Friday, June 10, 2016


We are a busy people. While we work with international vendors and customers at work, we have to be aware of their summer shutdowns/holiday. The culture is different in Europe where you are almost chastised for not going on vacation, rather than the good ole USA where the opposite could easily be said. Work, youth athletics, family responsibilities, homeowner responsibilities, church expectations, it all piles up. Even when we manage to get away from it, all we often do is force a rush before/during/after.

Anyway, so a friend was planning a two month dual sport ride across the US, up to Canada, and back. I managed to get get two days to escort him out of Ohio. We rode mostly pavement, but avoided as much highway as we could from Athens to Davis WV. We then rode Cannan Loop Road (a 4WD trail around Blakwater State Park) before getting burritos at Hellbenders. As we usually do, we camped along the Blackwater in the CVI area. The next morning we had breakfast at Tip-Top in Thomas before he headed south and I turned home. Wish I had more time. 500 miles on a KTM LC4 Enduro with knobby tires in less than 36 hours wore me out.

I had to come back as I committed to work the Nelsonville Music Festival to help park bikes. Even though by volunteering I was given a weekend pass, I spent very little time at the festival, mostly just worked my 12 hours and headed for home. I would have liked to do more, but family responsibilities...

A pair of KTM LC4's (Ryan on the Adventure, me on the Enduro)
Leaving Ohio (I'll be right back, not so for Ryan).
Best donuts in WV can be found in Buchanan
Wind turbine installation in Tucker Co WV.
The saddest of signs (yellow sign says they are closed for the day).
Over look somewhere along Canaan Loop Road.
Since Tip-Top was closed, had to make camp coffee. Luckily for Ryan, I am always prepared to make a french press pot of good coffee.
Sunrise over the Blackwater.
That's better, they are open the following day. I could easily just sit right there and drink coffee for a long while.
Bye Ryan, see you in two months!
Detour to Audra State Park on my ride home.
Grabbing a milkshake for lunch at the Coke and Float.
Hey, Donkey was at the music fest! Two of my favorites, coffee and bikes.
Speaking of bikes, a quick single track ride around Stroud's Run and Sell's Park before work today. 

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