Monday, October 24, 2016


I have most likely said (written) it before, but I love fall.  Clear, cool, air. The sky, the sunrise/sunset. The colors. The cider. Soccer. The single-speed rides on back country roads. This year has remained a bit drier and warmer later than it typically should. So much so that I found a violet blooming in my folks yard last week. This has made for some good riding though.

Violet blooming in late October!?

Singletrack at Stroud's Run.
Back roads: one of my favorite things is to get on the single-speed and cruise back roads. Steep climbs, rough surfaces, tree lined, and little traffic (and occasionally an anxious dog). Yesterday was a great example. I got in about 24 miles on a ride home from my folks. Nearly all of it was on less than perfect roads and over half on dirt/gravel. I could count the number of vehicles I passed on one hand. Temperatures in the low 60's, low humidity, warm sun, and a stiff breeze. I could do this every day.

Back roads,single speeds, and fall. 

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