Monday, January 16, 2017

2016 review

I've heard it called a train-wreck. I've heard it called great. Or it could well be it was just another year, like the ones before it. Time doesn't change since the heart of man hasn't changed. And just like the past year(s), many plans were unfulfilled, changed, and corrected while a few were realized. So here is my quick review of the previous year, specifically relating to the subject of this blog.

Stats: nearly 2000 miles, 146 hours, 102k feet of climbing. Not the biggest year, but certainly not the smallest. Though, it does not include the many trips from the office to the Farmacy or Fluff for lunch. And that adds up. It is about 6 miles round trip, slightly more to Fluff. I had been doing that 2-3 times a week when the weather was better. Not that riding to get a slice of pie is training, but it is riding none the less.

Highlights: Another Wolfman Award, first cyclocross race, some new roads, annual trip to Davis, WV. That's about it. No big multi-day rides. No centuries. No records. No new bikes. No new tattoos. No injuries. I didn't even race the two local races (road and mountain at Lake Hope) instead, volunteered at each event. But I would hardly call it a train wreck. Just another year of enjoying riding a bike. Another year of enjoying old friends and making a few new ones. Some cool photos were taken along the way. Some good food and great coffee were consumed.

With that, here is a selection of some of my favorite photos from the year, in no particular order, either because of the photo itself (color, lighting, composition) or because of what the photo captured. Some have appeared on the blog in the past year, some have not.

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