Friday, January 27, 2017

Over Use

Over use. Rather a funny concept since sometimes it doesn't mean doing too much in total volume but rather just a sudden increase in volume. Case in point.

As a cyclist I am in above average aerobic condition. But 1) out of concern for bone strength 2) for cross training and 3) because I really like soccer I decided to get back in to playing if only with the high school during their weekly open gym indoor sessions. So a couple weeks ago I decided to start some weight training targeting my legs and core. The same week I started running again. Then played soccer. I was sore and my left hamstring was really tight. The next week I lifted again but did not have the chance to run. Then I got out on a single speed ride (about 3 hours) with a good amount of climbing. Left me wrecked. So of course I went to indoor soccer again.  Part way in to the first match I could tell something was wrong. I tried to work through it but the pain only got worse. Then I had the idea to move to goalie (which only netted me a severely stubbed finger). Not long until I found myself sitting in the gym hallway with a bag of ice on my knee.

Pes anserine bursitis. Great. The risk factors list was like a check list (except for the obesity part). Now almost a week later I still hurt, cannot run, and looks like at least another week off. And I still can't get my ring off over the swollen knuckle.

Good thing the weather hasn't been that good for riding outside. This makes me feel old. My body at 42 sure doesn't respond the same way to physical stress as it used to. Now I just need to figure out how to heal up and get in shape for the Gravel Rouser (March 16-19).

By the way, please consider supporting the Athens Bicycle Club as they support the building of lots of miles of trails at Wayne National Forest. Plus by supporting you get a chance to win a sweet bike.

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