Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Winter Updates

So winter can do a pretty good imitation of spring. February was unseasonably warm. It didn't boost the number of miles on the bikes that much, rather it did mean less of riding on rollers. Plus I was trying to get over the pain in my left leg (hamstring) and knee. The knee has generally healed up but I continue to fight tightness and pain in my hamstring. Oh well, on to better things!

First up, a new guitar. I have been 6 string electric-less for years now, only playing my basses and acoustic instruments. But with a change in team members at church, the opportunity has opened up for me to fill in that role some. Plus, I have been wanting another electric almost since I got rid of my last one. I often stop in Blue Eagle Music in Athens anytime I happen to walk by since you never know for sure what might be hanging on the wall. Well, one day, this was.

I think I went back up two or three more times before bringing it home. Good deal, great guitar, and I am having fun. It is a 2014 MIM (made in Mexico) Fender Telecaster, sunburst with a maple fretboard.  Of course, now I might need an amp, hmmmm. I also picked up a b-stock Ibanez JD9 (Jet Driver) overdrive pedal off of Reverb. I like the pedal, maybe a little higher gain than I need but plenty of head room. However, apparently they did a couple different board layouts for these. This one pops loudly through the amp when tuned on/off. Turns out the LED light causes it. I added a resistor and capacitor to the circuit to limit the pop which helped a lot. Still not exactly a silent switch.

Just to show that I wasn't making up the whole warm February thing, I present Brock, eating bagels on the college green in short sleeves.

A highlight of February is always our wedding anniversary. This year, after once again not going to the mountains, I made reservations at Pleasant Hill Vineyards. On Saturday evenings they do a multi-course meal. When I called, they mentioned some of the menu which included pasta and meatballs. I have to admit I was a little worried that either 1) it would be a pretentious gathering or 2) the food would be mediocre. However, neither would be true. Oh, there was this one table of folks that drank too much and were less than classy in their obnoxiousness, but we enjoyed a great dinner (the food was excellent and there was plenty of it). I highly recommend attending one of their meals if you are looking for a way to celebrate something special. For more information, check them out

Table for two.

Since I wasn't crushing the miles, I hauled and shoveled almost 4 tons of crusher run for the driveway. Amazing how much that feels like a shovel at a time and how little it really is spread over an 8th mile long driveway.

One of two loads.
I did get to ride a little bit, and even got back on my single speed. It felt good, so good. All before the rains came as March roared in like a lion.

A dry and sunny February gravel road ride.

Work parking lot full of water and the grass covered with snow. Well played March.
And in closing, here is a picture of Ryan with a big cup.

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