Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Updates

Today is a strange day.  Looking back over the last week and wondering what took place, why I am exhausted, why my back hurts so bad...

Last Friday, November 11, 11, while we were honoring not only the US Vets but also remembering Eric's life on the anniversary of his death, we received the phone call that Helen Pidcock had just passed.  Helen was like a grandmother.  I say like, though she called us her grand-kids and we called her our adopted grandmother, we were not actually related.  Helen was just 92 years old.  She was as mentally sharp as I can ever remember and if it wasn't for her failing body, you would not have know she was a day over 50.  She was a colorful person.  Not only her personality but literally.  The inside of her house was painted in almost fluorescent colors.  She always dressed in bright colors.  I say this as it just didn't seem right to wear black clothes and drive my gray car to her funeral services.  I found my brightest dress shirt (purple) to wear with my black pants.  Then, thanks to Chris at Don Wood, I drove a Sunbeam Yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser to the funeral.  I think she would have loved that.  She was a big influence on my family's life and she will be missed.

Spent the weekend trying to get caught up, if only a little.  Split and stacked the rest of my firewood Saturday.  We finished the day planning to get pizza at Fox's in Rutland.  When we arrived, there was a large party and we were told that it would be over an hour before they could start our pizza.  Instead we ended up at the Court Street Grill in Pomeroy for burgers.  Not the plan, but worked out anyway.

Sunday I managed to get in a 20 mile ride in 20mph+ winds between lunch at mom's and dinner at the OU-AIA Thanksmas gathering.  We made food for their event and were supposed to help serve.  Ended up just helping clean up as they had more servers than they needed.

Woke up Monday barley able to stand up.  Not sure exactly how I did it, but managed to injure my back.  Not fun.

One more commentary.  Ethan had saved money to buy an iPod Touch.  We ordered it from Amazon over the weekend and it shipped from Lexington, KY on Monday via "Super Saver" shipping.  To save shipping costs, the box went from Lexington, past Athens to Grove City (Columbus), before it came back to Athens today for expected delivery on Weds.  Logistics...

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