Thursday, November 3, 2011

That bites

Yeh, so after all the other little annoyances of the last few weeks, I broke a molar.  Luckily, not much of any pain with it other than the sharp edge of the tooth.  The dentist got me right in for xrays and a cleaning before fixing the tooth today.  They placed a form around the tooth and filled it in.  Good as new.

I know  I have complained about all the little stuff going on.  Not to say they aren't a pain to deal with, but it all could be so much worse.  The car fire was minor and the alternator fix a pain, but I had a backup vehicle that did a fine job.  My truck needed two trips to Pomeroy requiring me to burn time off from work just to replace the LED cab lights, but it is under warranty and the washed it.  Brock is still exhausting but healthy after a round of antibiotics and steroids.  Have to deal with the pain of getting Shelly's car fixed but nobody was hurt when she was rear-ended.  I can still eat and have plenty of food.  Firewood still isn't split and stacked, but I have a heat pump.  Work is a lot of work right now, but I have a good job.  The list goes on...

There are real pains and real issues.  Please consider supporting the groups that are at work for the horn of Africa.  Over 30,000 children have died of hunger from the famine. the real 'F' word, sign the petition.
World Vision: donate to the relief fund.

Cycling front: need a new rear tire on the Masi already, squared mine off.  Also need to replace the brakes on the SS.  Between the crash last year that ripped the hose off and the mud race at Lake Hope, they are shot.  Big shout to Athens Cycle Path.  They have been very patient with me and all my questions about what to do regarding the brake set.
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