Tuesday, November 1, 2011


If it wasn't enough to have Brock and Shelly sick, I finished out the week with it.  Then, icing on the cake; Shelly gets rear-ended uptown Athens by a college student.  Luckily, even though she had all three boys with her, nobody was injured.  Brock screamed his little head off, but not injured.  Now the joy of dealing with another persons insurance carrier and to get Shelly's first new car ever repaired.

Working a night test at work.  Decided to open my brand new Bodum and make a pot of coffee.  Yep, it never ends.

In the cycling world, well, nothing is happening.  I do need new brakes for the Redline, new tires for both the MTB and road bike.  Thinking of a set of Kenda Slant 6's for the MTB after racing twice in the rain this year.  Part of the reason I need new brakes too, pads and discs are shot.  Have not ridden anything since my last post with a lunch time ride.  Feel like it is going to be a long winter.

Well look at that, it just turned November.
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